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  • Elfen - englische Kollektion

 I am allowed to spontaneously decide.

knowledge of natural healing  – ELVES

radiant in the light
lightness and spontaneity
internal mobility
childish silliness
open to change

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Revered by the Celtic peoples for thousands of years, the elves had a firm place in their culture - Especially in Iceland. There is still an Elf School in Reykjavik. Elves can be identified by their pointed ears, dragon wings and golden mist. They are restless, busy, fun, and very spontaneous. They often smell like lily of the valley or Woodruff. Like the fairies, elves are also nature spirits inhabiting world between men and angels, and they are all over the globe.  Elves are always in movement, talking very quickly and never come to rest similar to human heartbeat.  A great tip is to ask the elves for help when wanting to be liberated from old habits or rigid thought patterns. According to the elves, the burning of essence is useful in that it combines the present energy of burnt leaves, barks and resins and the essential information of the plant. Elves have a tremendous natural healing knowledge which they can gladly provide to people when asked for.  
It should be however said that the elves are extremely silly and their cooperation requires some patience. A typical healing fruit of the elves is the Currant and who has ever individually harvested it, will certainly have a clue on how to deal with these creatures ...

ACHTUNG!!! Jeder Anhänger ist ein absolutes Unikat und weicht daher auf jeden Fall von dem Produktfoto in der Form ab! Außer der Flügel, (die immer dem Foto entsprechen) verwenden wir unterschiedlichste Perlen in den passenden Farben.
Gerne nehmen wir mögliche Wünsche mit der Bestellung entgegen.
Klappkarte (ca. 150 x 150 mm) mit passendem Umschlag (ca. 160 x 160 mm). Engelanhänger mit Baumwollband und Zusatzband zum Wechseln.
Though the beads, metal-parts and ribbons are carefully chosen, energy-full and hand crafted with love, the durability cannot be guaranteed. Legally, it should be pointed out that pendants are not suitable for children less than 6 years of age.

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Elfen - englische Kollektion

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